We love making our storefront feel inviting and full of color. We decided that since it’s August, we should update our flowers and window displays. Amanda & Traci went shopping for flowers at Heartland Nursery & put them together without any professional florist’s help! Succulents are so precious. As for our window display, we did some exploring on Pinterest. There were so many we loved, but the Urban Outfitters one seemed fun & do able. We added prints on a string & we love it! It looks way cooler from inside since the flags are backlit, but we’ve had a lot of people stop & stare. Amanda, & Traci worked together on the window displays. Check out a short making-of-video- here.

IMG_6816 IMG_6820 IMG_6823 IMG_6826 IMG_6831 IMG_6835 IMG_6854 IMG_6863 IMG_6869 IMG_6875

urbanoutfittersurban outfitters photo credit: InBetweenDays