Remember back in June when we gave away a free session? If you missed it, we posted the image below onto our Facebook Page & we got a great response!



We printed out all of the facebook names from the comments and cut them each to an individual slice. Next, we did what any normal person doing a drawing would do…put all of the names in a sombrero and pull one lucky winner.


IMG_1178 IMG_1183 IMG_1189 IMG_1199


Our winner just chose her favorites from her Engagement Session. Here they are.
P.S. We love their balloons & their dog is adorable!


MonacoEng0047 MonacoEng0049 MonacoEng0064 MonacoEng0090 MonacoEng0102 MonacoEng0132 MonacoEng0142 MonacoEng0182

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