Master photographers are the greatest practitioner of the camera.  Countless hours and course study are required over years and years of perfecting this fine artistic expression.

That’s one reason why Freeland Photography was so honored to extend the welcome of 4th Fridays in DTLS this past May to Ryan Brown, Master Photographer and all around good guy.  In the arts, feeling is always meaning ~ Henry James.   This quote expresses that the photographers’ eye traffics in feelings, not in thoughts.  This man is a reporter and spy.  Scouting out and rather manipulating the most pure of images to create interpretations of real seeing.

And yet, all is not as it meets the eye with Ryan’s “painting with light”. This is a time exposure technique with multiple colored gels are used on the subject. These works are that of passion and precision.

Please stop in the studio anytime during business hours to view Ryan’s amazing work as it will be on display for all to enjoy until June 25th. Our next featured artist will be Rich Berry, fine pen and ink master of framed illustrations.  We are very excited about Rich joining the Freeland Crew the evening of June 28th…we hope you will too!


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